The more advanced Wi-Fi hotspots platform for public and commercial activities

  • Provide Wi-Fi Internet connection to your customers

  • Manage the system in complete independence and safety

  • Make money selling the service

  • Attract new customers by giving it

Hotspot Italia is a new service concept, designed to offer Internet access with Wi-Fi both indoors and outdoors, automating the management, in compliance with current (L.155/2005) that requires to 'user identification and maintenance of computer and access their personal information.

We build complete systems for access to broadband Internet in hotels, libraries, convention centers and facilities open to the general public.

Managing a club, a hotel or a structure open to the public and your customers demand more and more often to access the Internet with their laptop?
Or you already have a system of Internet access for customers and want to make it conform to current regulations?

In both cases Hotspot Italia is the solution for you!

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Happy surfing!